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The mission of Biking for a Better World (BFABW) is to promote health and wellness while bringing the joy of biking to people of all ages. BFABW focuses on strengthening youth programs, trail systems, and local cycling events by raising funds and awareness throughout the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. BFABW has built and maintains an exciting bike park, Truckee Bike Park (TBP), that includes skill-building programs taught by certified coaches. The bike park is eight acres of short track bike trails in a park setting with easy access, bathrooms, drinking fountains, and bike tools on site. The trails have been built and designed for proper flow and skill levels for all. The builders hired to build at TBP have been building bike trails full-time for over 20 years and build at Rampage, Sea Otter, and many other locations all over the World. The builders have received awards for their work. BFABW Board Members have volunteered their time to raise all the funds, assist in the building and manage the bike park every day putting in an average of 25 hours per week all year while also working their own full-time jobs. In addition, they have successfully raised $750,000 cash which was all put into capital improvement for TBP.  The value of their volunteer hours is over $500,000 and in-kind donations for the bike park including additional volunteer hours and donated goods and services top $1.3 million. Because of these donations, TBP is fully irrigated, there is a 30,000 square foot pump track/strider track, beginner-intermediate dirt jump zone, dual slalom track, green, blue & black flow lines, a drop zone, a xc loop, an advanced dirt jump zone, a straight rhythm track, a dual pump track and blue slope-style line.

With over 50,000 visits to the park a year, TBP is a destination recreation opportunity for all children and their families. The bike park is offered free of charge, seven days a week, sunrise to sunset, spring through fall. We take great pride in running an exceptional park. Not all bike parks are dedicated to these quality standards, which makes TBP standout as a premium recreational facility.  

To complement the exceptional bike park, BFABW has developed an intensive youth and adult skill-building program called “Next Level”. Through learning to ride the twists, turns, bumps and jumps within the bike park, youth and adults gain confidence and inner strength. The Next Level skill-building program is a bi-weekly summer clinic focused on increasing a rider’s competencies in trail etiquette, bike safety, proper stances, cadence, braking, cornering, climbing, descending, pumping, dropping and jumping. These professionally run clinics are staffed by certified coaches. The clinics are open to all ability levels and build on the foundation a rider has already established, from beginner to seasoned rider. Each student collaboratively sets individual goals with their coach, who then creates a customized, step by step plan for the student to positively achieve success.  These clinics are an incubator for confidence building and provide tangible evidence to students on what can be accomplishment when they set goals and progressively work to achieve them. For youth and adults who find team sports difficult, the Next Level clinics allow them to compete against themselves, while still coming together with others at the end of each class to celebrate their individual successes. The Next Level clinics allow students to become competent in a lifelong sport, while making new friends in a healthy, enriching environment.

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