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About Headwaters:


Who we are: 

We're a team of professional scientists, graduate students, parents, and caring community members dedicated to inspiring hands-on learning. Through personal experience in our own educational journeys, we know that experiential science learning can change a student's educational future and life opportunities.

Bringing science to life for students: 

We work to bring experiential science education to as many students as we can access, and to educate their teachers to continue implementing our methods so the learning cycle can continue. We tap into students’ natural curiosity by teaching them how to create research projects in the field. Our students learn to ask scientific questions, design research methods, problem solve, collect data, present their research, and even author research papers. The skills our students learn like critical thinking, problem-solving, and increased confidence in independent decision-making help them not only in future science classes but as they move into the world. Our students are more prepared to access high-level science careers and more ready to become well-informed community contributors. 

Our Programs: 

We teach the scientific method through hands-on learning during school programs, on-location at our Donner Summit field site, and through extracurricular programs. (During COVID, all our programs are entirely online to preserve the health and safety of our students and staff). Our online programs include free science lessons, a science talk video series, a high-level student research program, and more. All of our online programs are designed to inspire students through science that's outside the screen!

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to create informed citizens who not only pursue science careers, but blossom when faced with opportunities to positively impact society through engagement, curiosity, and applications of the scientific method.

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