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North Tahoe Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the arts community throughout the North Lake Tahoe region through exposure, education and participation. 

NTArts began life 30 years ago as the Sierra Artists’ Network, a group of local artists who wanted to share their passion for arts. In 2003 the group incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit and moved into the historic Community Center building next to Commons Beach, in the heart of Tahoe City. 

NTArts serves as a creative hub for artists, the local community and for visitors. It fills a cultural gap in our outdoor-oriented area, encouraging cultural tourism and economic vitality. Our Artisan Shop, workshops and camps provide a vital art experience to our community and visitors, and also offer a source of income for local artists and teachers. NTArts benefits local businesses by encouraging people to come to town to enjoy visual arts, serving as a balance to events held at local resorts. We value the longstanding ties with other local businesses and organizations.

North Tahoe Arts

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North Tahoe Arts Inc

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